Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Make extra MONEY today!!! Sell your vintage designer clothes and shoes.

These days recycling everything is the way to go, why not recylce your wardrobe and make money doing it.  Lots of people sell their designer clothes and shoes on several sites such as: Etsy, EBAY, Artfire, Polyvore and many others.  If you are a hands on type of person that prefers face to face interaction, your local consignment boutiques are always accepting designer clothing and handcrafted jewelry.  One of the best consignment boutiques in the Atlanta area is Alexis's Suitcase.  This consignment boutique has two convenient locations and their designers range from Arden B. to Vivienne Westwood and everything in between.  In the upcoming months Purple Candied will allow sellers to display their designer items and original work on the live Purple Candied site and the facebook page.  Share this page with any of your friends that you think could benefit from consigning their clothes and shoes.  Details to come soon!!!