Friday, January 11, 2013

Bath Bombs Away!!!!

Ok, I am in love with Bath Bombs!  There are so many different scents and flavors that I had to actually share with everyone.  I also have found a new love for soap that looks and smells like candy or just anything sweet!  Maybe instead of me eating all of the sugar I'll just bathe in it!  What woman doesnt want to smell like sweet!  Now is also the perfect time for sweet smelling soaps and lotions because if you try sweet smells in the Spring, the bees will definitely love you. :-)

Coconut Lime Bath Bomb
Sweetbath Confections

Cinnabuns Bath Set
Sweetbath Confections

Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs
Sweetbath Confections

Funnel Cake Bath Bombs
Sweetbath Confections

Vanilla Honey Latte Soap

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