Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What you're saying is, if it's not gold or silver, it's not glamorous?

I started painting jewelry because I wanted to try something different.  Everyone loves the shiny gold and silver jewelry because it is classic and it is what has always been done.  I started to doubt my talent a couple years back because I thought people just were not interested in wood jewelry.  It wasn't shiny and sparkly but it was dopeness.  Later on I came to the conclusion that everyone is not going to like everything.  While there are some people who only wear gold, silver, and pearls, there are others who prefer to be totally different and make a statement.  Every day I am reminded that my talent was truly a gift from GOD and I have to honor it.  I am blessed to  have a vision and that I can see it daily, hourly, monthly, and yearly.  This is truly the first year that I am giving my vision 128%!!!!!  I figured if I can go to work for someone Else's vision and give them 100%, I should be able to do that and more for my own.  At the end, I don't want to be like every designer just because they are making more money.  I want to create a name for myself in this industry and earn respect for my originality.   

I started a trend for my jewelry by pairing different designs together.  It works!!!  Visit my Etsy Shop for more Purple Candied.  Thanks for looking! :-)

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